Just a few days after receiving Metatron’s message on decoding the year ‘2017’ (read post of 8 Dec), the Lyra Council came through unexpectedly with their decryption of the date 12th December or 12.12, as follows:


[Metaphysical explanations of diagram above: (a) the number ‘3’ relates to the triangle as the fundamental symbol for creation;  (b) the 8 triangles when arranged as an Octagon symbolises spiritualising matter or, Earth in union with Heaven] 

As a 11th / 12th dimensional star nation, Lyra can be considered as the most evolved star civilisation of the first sector of the Milky Way Galaxy (read post of 8th July 2014 Introducing Galactic Federation of Light for message on organisation of our galaxy). The genetic imprint of Lyra has been embedded in the human divine blueprint.

Numbers, as with other metaphysical symbols, can serve as a memory trigger. When we come across the number ‘12‘ (and to a lesser extent ’11’), a doorway opens in our subconscious mind to connect us energetically with Lyra. Such a catalytic effect is greatly enhanced when the number is associated by masses of people at one time, such as dates used on the calendar.

Essentially, what’s been decoded by the Lyra Council of 12.12 is a gateway to their world – by utilising the simple geometry of the Octagon.

Meditation for Connecting with Lyra on 12.12.2016

  1. In quiet meditative state, visualise and energise your star tetrahedron Merkabah. See diagram below. This is the geometric pattern of the human energy field in its natural state. It is also used as a astral travel vehicle in meditations.

Image result for star tetrahedron merkaba

2. Command your Merkabah to travel to Lyra under the protection of your true higher self and any spirit guides whom you personally work with

3.  As you approach Lyra, the image of an Octagonal door appears in your mind

4.  Through your heart chakra, center of your truths, visualise the Octagon spinning clockwise a total of 8 times

5. Visualise the door opens and if you feel so guided, step through the gateway where you’ll be greeted by your personal guides from Lyra

6. Explore and reconnect with the world of Lyra intuitively

7. When ready to depart from Lyra and return to Earth astrally, visualise the same Octagon at the gateway; connect it with your heart chakra again and spin it anti-clockwise for 8 times

8. Once the Octagonal door opens, step through it and command your Merkabah to re-connect you and the whole of your consciousness back with the Earth realm

9. Emerge from the meditation when your energy field stabilzes (that is, astral travel completed) and you have a sense of your consciousness being fully re-connected to your physical body

Such a wonderful and timely full moon gift from the Lyra Council. Enjoy your visit to Lyra!

More About Lyra

To know more about the human genetic connection with the Lyra star system, I highly recommend the book Sunshine Before The Dawn’ channeled by Judy Satori. Check out http://www.judysatori.com


Full Moon Blessings, Amara  Tia Ann

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