“I am communicating, through this channel, in my role as a member of the Sirius High Council, though many of you may know me only as Isis, the Moon Goddess of ancient Egyptian lineage. As a star seed, I am of the Sirius origin.

There is much the Council wishes to convey regarding the new Earth year that is about to begin. It will be best for you to interpret these messages fully through the stillness of your heart, for your own truths are found in your unique vibrational presence. Listen to the sound transmission presented here and allow your heart to decode its significance and relevance in the manner your consciousness is ready to accept. 

I am Isis.”

To listen to Light Language transmission from Isis, representing the Sirius High Council, click : Sirius-transmission or 

My interpretation of Sirius sound transmission

As we expand in our consciousness by becoming versatile in wearing a wider array of energy frequencies, we naturally become appreciative of the universal principle of creation: diversity in unification, unity in diversification. I believe it is the Council’s intention to uphold this principle, that it has chosen to transmit its New Moon, New Year message through sacred sounds, leaving it to us to formulate our personal meanings.

Nevertheless, for those who are interested, the following is my understanding of the salient points contained in the Sirius transmission:

  • For those who are ready to jump onto the galactic bandwagon of expansion starting in 2017, this New Moon presents the first window of opportunity to prepare and align our light body to be ‘hooked up’ firmly to the Galactic command center, namely Sirius. Hence, this transmission is entitled “The Grand Alignment” by Isis.
  • The 2017 ‘start time’ was pre-programmed in the human consciousness since linear time does not exist beyond a 3rd dimensional reality. As far as the higher worlds are concerned, the transformation awaiting humanity from 2017 is occurring (present), has already occurred (past) and shall occur (future) simultaneously in what is experienced as circular time in their realities.
  • There are several triggers and layers to the transformation potential made available to humanity as well as the Milky Way Galaxy come 2017. The main trigger will be a special geometric configuration involving multiple galaxies of our local Universe which will result in a perfect alignment of the Earth, Pleiades, Milky Way Galaxy and these other galaxies (also read message of 8 December ‘A FLOURISH-ing Time Awaits Humanity – Message from Archangel Metatron’)
  • Humanity can benefit greatly from the consequential influx of cross-galactic energies pouring in which will in turn cause many of the Earth portals to be activated as ‘energy pipes’. One of these vital portals is the Sphinx on the Giza plateau in Egypt.
  • Beneath the Sphinx lies the Hall of Records, akin to a gigantic memory bank which stores the historical events of mankind throughout all its critical transitory stages. Examples of such turning-points included the birth of Lord Buddha and Master Jesus and their ascensions. These memories are kept as sound vibrations embedded in the stone walls making up the Hall of Records.
  • When the Sphinx is activated through the impending inter-galactic ascension force, initiates (lightworkers) with a higher intention to serve the greater good and are vibrating at the appropriate energy frequency can ‘access’ the Hall of Records to prepare themselves energetically as spiritual leaders and messengers of New Earth.
  • I suggest meditating with the guardians of the Sphinx on this New Moon to have a sense of your readiness and affinity with the Hall of Records. Also for setting intention to ride the new galactic ascension waves descending soon

Other than today’s transmission from Sirius, I anticipate more downloads from the guides regarding The Grand Alignment coming our way. It is probably for this reason that our 2017 main events (FLOURISH workshop and Scotland Sacred Tour) have been commissioned by the Galactic Council as the platform for receiving, sharing and anchoring these future transmissions.

New ACAST Blog Logo To Usher In A Flourishing Transformation For All

blog-logo-dec-16-croppedAndy and I thought it will be most meaningful to launch the new logo for the ACAST blog site on this New Moon. As Isis revealed, today marks the opening of the first gateway (in terms of timeline) to accessing a series of cross-galactic expansionary force dawning on Earth, fueling powerful transformation in all of us.

It’s been 5 years since ACAST, or Aleph Centre of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation, was conceived under the inspiration of The Elohim, and the number ‘5’ means powerful and progressive change; thus, another reason for choosing this time to release the new logo. The yellow colour theme represents ACAST’s new focus on transmitting and grounding the Joy frequency going forward. Go to Hebrew Letter Aleph for the rationale of adopting it in our entity name and a comprehensive write-up on its definitions.

As ACAST gets ready to step into its 6th year of serving The Light through our work, Andy and I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to the warm participation and support extended to us by our clients, friends and you – our blog readers across the seven continents.

May you all have a blessed New Year and a totally gratifying transformational journey in the years ahead !

Many Blessings, Ann-dy.

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