At the recent Solstice Meditation, Lord St. Germain gave a short discourse on “transmutation precedes transformation”. I was inspired to write this article to share a possible application of his teaching against the backdrop of today’s full moon.


To some of us, the full moon can be the most revered and celebratory time of the month. Her radiance ignites a deep sense of gratitude and bliss as the fruits of our spiritual practices are being harvested in the form of goodwill and joy experienced in all aspects of our life.

But for others, the full moon could well be the most dreaded cleansing occasion as the deepest fears and wounds lurking in our subconscious mind are, once again, being flushed out under the clarity of the moon. Today’s full moon is particularly influential in its ‘long term’ healing effects, given that it is not only the first full moon of a new year but also for a new expansionary cycle (reference posts given below). This is definitely a golden opportunity for completing a thorough cleansing of the energy debris imprinted in our soul patterns.

When it comes to transcending our old self, I have witnessed two different approaches used by the guides for different clients. The first is to simply focus on the higher qualities we want to become and basically, ignore the past expressions and experiences which were of a less evolved nature. The second method, however, advocates the need for us to re-connect, embrace and make peace with our past before we can truly become and express more of our soul qualities.

Which is the more effective approach? From my healing experience, I would say it depends on the readiness of the person, in terms of his spiritual awareness and cultivation.

A spiritually aware person naturally vibrates at a high frequency and thus, is able to emit uplifting and inspiring vibes most of the time. This is evident through the joyous and harmonious relationships this person draws to himself and the positive feelings he often displays. I would think for such a person, he has succeeded in anchoring his human presence in his Divine Self.  His past experiences, even if they had been painful and even traumatic, are constantly being rebalanced and harmonized with the divine presence he is being surrounded with. Understandably, it becomes less of a need for him to deliberately heal the past. In fact, the past memories are no longer a major distraction or threat to his current intentions. The ascension path for him is simply to focus on becoming fully his God qualities.

On the contrary, for someone who is not as spiritually anchored in his divinity yet (there could be several reasons to that), he is more likely to experience fluctuating emotions which often cause him to slide into the negative zone. He would also be more easily triggered to re-experience fear-based memories either through the full moon or other forms of triggers. The persistent negative feelings themselves are hints that a deeper understanding of the underlying fears is being sought by his soul. In his case, it will be worthwhile to ‘look back’ at the past to identify and heal the originating discordant memory patterns. New insights are often gained during the healing process, enabling an expansion of his spiritual awareness. Transmutation precedes transformation, indeed.


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann. 

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