I am so thrilled to have connected with a group of Galactic Masters whose presence instantly made me feel refreshed, invigorated and light. They described themselves as a cluster of stars stationed on the peripheral of the Milky Way. For now, they would like to be known as the Galactic Family of Light.

Their transmissions felt like a torrential rain – huge downpour of golden light brushing through my brain and nervous system while I tried to capture and interpret their messages as quickly and accurately as I could. Here’s the gist of their New Moon transmission.

“Since the beginning of 2017, Earth entered a force field, similar to but less intensive than a time warp. As this special energy grid intercepts with an extremely subtle level of Earth’s consciousness (Amara Tia Ann’s elaboration : think of Earth having an aura with several layers), it can be contacted only by those of you much in-tuned with galactic frequencies, and here we are not referring to only the local galactic waves but much more refined frequencies emitted by planets, systems and stars lying beyond your galaxy.

Entering a ‘time warp’ zone is a preparation for a phenomenal awakening of your star genetic blueprint. You are seeded as a star and by that, we mean a spark of God consciousness that is multi-dimensional, formless and timeless.  To be activated to your God spark is to return to Being Light.  If you have been experiencing accelerated time, racing thoughts, flashback of old memories alternated with instant manifestations of current desires, volatile moods and extreme exhaustion in recent days, please do not be too quick to judge yourself as being not centered. Such experiences result from the human neurology being exposed to circular time which is essentially the absence of time (Amara Tia Ann’s elaboration : ‘time warp’ effect is to feel as if time and therefore, thoughts are travelling at speed of light). Be rest assured that these bodily effects are only temporary.

These ongoing energy circuitry changes initiated by a new cross-galactic alignment involving Earth will eventually stabilise, lessening the sense of dis-orientation triggered in you.  The Light-ness of Be-ing will then settle in as your new knowing.

We are the Galactic Family of Light”


FLOURISH Workshops, March to June

With the commissioning of the new workshop series FLOURISH by Archangel Metatron, I have had the privilege and pleasure connecting with Galactic Masters ‘residing’ outside the Milky Way. I look forward with great excitement to transmitting more mind-boggling teachings and concepts (such as time warp and circular time!) when FLOURISH unfolds in March. For workshop details, go to FLOURISH.

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Wishing All a revitalising New Moon! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann


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