Having worked with the Hathor Goddess for several years now, I have come to associate her Presence with joy, laughter, merriment and celebration. Surprisingly, she came through today with a rather serious and introspective tone, at least that was how I had interpreted her vibes. It felt as if the change from her usual “personality” has to do with the theme of her message.

Although you may feel us as a singular being, we are actually a collective soul which you can imagine as belonging to a sisterhood and priestess order during ancient Egypt. Since ancient times, mankind has come to associate the moon with the sacred feminine energy. This is the reason we, the Hathor Goddesses, have chosen to communicate through the channel on this occasion.

Before we begin our sharing, please bear in mind that all experiences and their interpretations are relative in nature. This is necessarily so since energy frequencies overlay and weave through one another; appearing as separate streams of light to the observer but in truth, have originated from and existed as integrated white light at the heart of the Creator. Thus, relativity in perception of experiences affects the external observer but not to those who view their realities through the eyes of God.  

Accordingly, what we about to share is is best appreciated with the relativity principle in mind. 

If you are well anchored in Oneness and are consciously and happily being so, we would say the physical phenomenon of and affecting the Earth including lunar cycles, eclipses, planetary transits and many others, would have minimal impact on your presence. Despite being in seemingly fluctuating or even unpredictable environments, you have complete power to remain in your chosen emotional and mental state. The common expression ‘in the world but not of it’ would be appropriate to describe your spiritual cultivation thus far and correspondingly, your physical existence on Earth.

On the contrary, if your recent experiences suggest your emotions and thoughts are easily influenced and shaken by your external world and the ‘natural’ phenomenon of Earth, we would recommend spending this full moon and eclipse season in solitude and deep contemplation. Take advantage of the shadowed moon to purify your body and mind, reinforce your psychic shield and deepen your connection with the Creator in you. Focus on convergence, consolidation and integration of your own light. This full moon and lunar eclipse offers a great opportunity for initiating a paradigm shift in your awareness and choice of focus – from being merely an observer of realities to a conscious and masterful creator.             

We are the Hathors”


Full Moon Eclipse Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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