Following the inaugural session of the FLOURISH workshop last weekend, I have found it impossible to try to summarize the experience in words. It felt as if the frequencies the group was entrained with and the internal shifts which followed are, by themselves, beyond any description. Nevertheless, if I must, I’d say I walked out of the workshop having a simplified yet grander perception of myself as DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS created from sacred geometry and awakened / to be further awakened through Light and Sound frequencies. 

According to the hosting guides, the March Equinox of 2017 marked the initiation of a new inter-galactic experience for those of us whose consciousness (spiritual self-awareness) is now ready to undergo a quantum expansion by having our subtle bodies aligned with a multi-galactic portal. On this note, I am deeply grateful to the participants who jointly contributed to creating a magnificent group Merkabah to allow the inter-galactic transmissions  – channeled teachings, sacred sounds, light frequencies and geometric patterning –  to be captured and weaved into the Earth’s crystalline matrix.


To experience ‘travelling’ through the inter-galactic portal to contact your Galactic Self, you are welcome to participate in the meditation and Light Language energy transmission gifted by the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light during the workshop.

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Recommended additional steps for above meditation: 

This meditation can be performed prior to the new moon of March 27th-28th and be repeated on the day of the new moon.

(a) I was given the following geometric pattern as symbolic of the doorway to the inter-galactic portal. Imprint it on your heart chakra to assist in your visualisation.

(b) you may seed your new moon intentions while being merged with your Galactic Self (rationale :thoughts manifestation is an instantaneous experience in the galactic worlds where there is no linear time. The human neurological system can be rewired to demonstrate the same capability with sufficient and appropriate entrainment)

(c) ground your physical body adequately upon returning from your astral travel (through the blackholes)


Check out FLOURISH for subsequent runs of the same workshop led by Archangel Metatron and the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light.

May your new moon wishes and goals flourish in no time, under the guidance of your soul and Galactic Self!

With loving kindness, Amara Tia Ann.


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