Please read ‘Converging towards No-Time, No-Space’ as a prelude to this post, if you have missed it earlier.

As a being originated from the Sirius star system (portal to Milky Way), I thought it was most apt for Goddess Isis to offer her support in bringing through a new ascension wave emitted by a group of galaxies within our local Universe. The body of light coordinating this cross-galactic transmission is an ‘oversight authority’ known to me the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light. To enhance our body’s integration with it, this ultra-refined frequency was stepped-down vibrationally at a star satellite (Chamber of Light Ascension) stationed at the 13th dimensional level of Milky Way before permeating Earth and my consciousness (as the human channel over-light by Isis).

This new moon energy gift is intended to expand our awareness and acceptance of our God-Self and to catalyse the remembrance and re-connection with our respective home planets. Besides offering tremendous healing and activation benefits by themselves, these two effects will also contribute to developing our Claircognizance (all-knowing mind) rapidly.

Listen to : Transmission through Chamber of Light Ascension (6 min)

Or click :

* For best results, I suggest listening to the track for a total of 3 times  – on the day before new moon (25th Apr), new moon (26th) and the day after (27th). 

New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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