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Meditating in halls of amenti on this Super New Moon

Today’s Super New Moon falls in Gemini which is ruled by the planet Mercury. On an intuitive level, I often associate Mercury with one of the cosmic masters whom I work with – Thoth (or Lord Hermes). For this reason, I might have attracted Thoth to my subtle body this morning and hence, able to share this message.

According to Thoth, this new moon offers a valuable opportunity for grounding the ascension waves that have been transmitted through an inter-galactic portal since the beginning of 2017.  Regardless of whether your chakra body has been specifically attuned to receive these fairly new and expansive vibrations emitted by the participating galaxies, you may now access their transmissions from within the Halls of Amenti, an inner Earth portal. All you need is a clear intention to awaken your Galactic consciousness.

(Reference on Halls of Amenti : The Emerald Tablets, Tablet 2).

Suggested meditation steps:

  • Using the power of your mind, visualise yourself contained in your Merkabah (ascension vehicle) and command that it be activated to journey towards Amenti. Refer to Diagram A below
  • If you prefer, ask to be protected by Archangel Michael or your personal guide(s) during the travel
  • Have a sense of yourself descending to inner Earth in your Merkabah, until you ‘arrive’ at the Halls of Amenti where you will be warmly greeted by Thoth
  • In Thoth’s presence, be aware of your aura and light bodies expanding into the vastness of the Universe
  • Focus on the cross-galactic geometric alignment (inter-galactic portal) above your crown chakra. Refer to Diagram B-1 below
  • As you recite this mantra gifted by Thoth, see or feel golden ascension waves pouring from above, filling up your Merkabah completely and activating your higher dimensional chakras.  Mantra : “WuKu KaYa Ka” (3X)
  • Spend a few moments being immersed in the sea of golden light and sharing your thoughts with Thoth
  • When you are ready to leave Amenti, command the Merkabah to be re-activated for your return to the surface of Earth; again, under the protection of Archangel Michael or your personal guide(s), if that’s your preference
  • Give thanks to the galactic masters for the energy gift and for Thoth’s assistance

New Moon Blessings to All! Amara Tia Ann.

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