My guides have often reminded me the significance of honouring the Equinox and Solstice seasons of the year. Much celebrated by the ancient civilisations, these days not only symbolise the deep connection between humanity and Earth,  they can also serve as doorways to awakening our soul memories, especially with regards to the divine purpose of our Earth incarnations.

As a Solstice gift from Spirit, I am asked to re-post the following blessing and the accompanying energy transmission originally channeled in 2012.

‘A world without contrast sees no real beauty.

A heart not ready to embrace all feels no joy.

A mind not skilled to see beyond form finds no peace.

Let the season of summer in the north and winter in the south bring home the blessing of oneness in duality’

                                                      Channeled 21 June 2012

Listen to solstice-integration -21 Jun 2012 energy transmission (2 min) to assist us in integrating and balancing all expressions of duality within our body and consciousness.

You may also access the MP3 track here : 


Have a joyous Solstice celebration !

Love from the Equator, Amara Tia Ann.


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