I often receive this question from our workshop participants: “Can the guides suggest a technique to enable the ascension programs activated in our light bodies to remain effective and well integrated into our body?”

Time and again, the guides responded that practising breath awareness is the key.

They further explained the value of mindful breathing :

(a) Prana, Qi or Chi (breath) is the fuel enlivening the physical body and its anatomy. Lower vibrational memory patterns – be they karmic in nature or created from present life – were first imprinted onto the nervous system through breath. Naturally, we would need to fall back on breath if we were to over-ride and replace these outdated mental programming with the light matrices (intelligence) of higher dimensional frequencies;

(b ) For our external realities to reflect a shift in our consciousness (intended result of the ascension programs), it is necessary to first declutter and create space in our body and nervous system. This can be achieved through regular practices of deep breathing when we fully engage our prana;

(c) As the embodiment of Spirit, the divine consciousness embedded in our cellular memory is our highest potential. Even without the energy stimulus from the higher dimensional worlds, we have the ability to gradually externalise and display our spiritual qualities – love, compassion, joy and more – by becoming aware and appreciative of the prana that connects us with Spirit;

(d) Conscious breathing promotes clarity of mind and calmness of emotions, thus providing a doorway for expressing, with complete awareness, the divine presence in and around us . Once our neurology is re-trained to think, feel and act mindfully, we will naturally gravitate towards expressing our Divine Self in a most uplifting, empowering and life-giving manner.

Besides offering tremendous health benefits to the body, exercises and practices such as silent meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi and yoga are excellent training for experiencing the deep connection between body and breath, symbolising the eternal bond between mind (ego/personality) and Spirit.


Imbibing Inter-Galactic Ascension Energies through Mindful Breathing on this New Moon

Every New Moon brings through opportunities for change and growth …only if we deliberately sow the seeds of these new beginnings we wish to create.

If you are desiring an accelerated expansion of your subtle bodies and accordingly, a quicker awakening of your God consciousness, one way to get started is to immerse yourself in a sea of cross-galactic ascension waves on the coming new moon, 23 July 2017.  Go to post ’25 April, New Moon Transmission through The Chamber of Light Ascension’ for explanations and to access recording of the inter-galactic transmission. Engage your prana deeply during the meditation and notice its effects on your higher senses and inner state of being.

New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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