As I was chatting with a dear friend last night, Archangel Metatron came through with a suggested meditation for harnessing the abundance of today’s full moon lunar eclipse. He named the meditation ‘ Unleashing the Power of Oneness’. You need not be specifically attuned to Metatron’a aura to perform the meditation.

Meditation Steps

  1. Connect with Archangel Metatron through your crown chakra, visualising or sensing his divine presence (shimmering violet-golden light) all around you
  2. Think of someone with whom you’d like to share the Oneness vibration (also known as Christ Consciousness), preferrably someone you feel comfortable exchanging your energy with. Imagine this person standing or seated in front of you. 
  3. Focus on your heart chakra. Through your inner eye, begin to see or sense golden spirals of light flowing horizontally between your heart chakra and your partner’s and forming the number ‘8’ to connect both of you.
    • Esoteric meanings of ‘8’ include eternal flow of abundance, expansion with stability and perfect harmony between spirituality and materiality; its healing effect include activation of the God Code in our cellular memory
    • You and your practising partner, while in such a meditative state, represents the acceptance of duality in the world of form. Only by fully embracing and honouring the dual nature of physicality (such as by exchanging the God Code through the symbol “8” between ourselves), can we unleash the inherent power in us as One with the Divine.  Hence, the title ‘Unleashing the Power of Oneness’  accorded to this meditation.
  4. You may repeat steps #2 and #3 with as many partners as you wish; practising as a pair each time, either in each other’s physical presence or over distance. 
  5. Though the bodily responses may differ, I am told the healing effects can include a sense of lightness and expansion within, dissolution of fears and negativity, stronger connectivity with your Divine Self and restoration of inner peace and self-love.


Full Moon blessings to All ! Amara Tia Ann. 


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