1st to 10th September 2017





After several months of earnest planning and keen anticipation, the Scotland Sacred Tour is finally taking place next week. Needless to say, Andy and I are so looking forward to co-creating an extraordinary tour experience with our 22 participants from Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Germany, Australia and Iceland. For itinerary, go to Scotland Tour. For related messages, visit blog On-A-Lighter-Note.


Join Us through the Ether

The theme A Journey Into No Time – will be expounded by The Pleiades during the full moon workshop ‘Joyous Living In No Time’ at the Isle of Iona on 4th – 5th September (workshop outline available HERE, scroll to page 3). If you are a fan of The Pleiades and wish to receive their teachings and energy gifts etherically, you are welcome to connect with the group via the coded symbol below:

  • Symbol significance: our divinity (represented by OM) originates from no-space, no-time (represented by intersection of the arcs)


  • To ‘plug-in’ to workshop Merkabah –
  1. Connect with vibrational essence of symbol using your heart chakra
  2. Allow this vibration to flow towards your third eye chakra
  3. Remain in meditative state until the pulsations in and around the third eye chakra settle down
  • The above access protocol need only be performed once, preferably around 11 am on 4th September, UK time (GMT +1). There is no need to ‘un-plug’ from group Merkabah thereafter.


Wanting a direct immersion with the Pleiades and other Star Guides?

Participating in the Healing Course ‘LIVING YOUR STAR LIGHT (8 October ’17) could be an effective option!

Commissioned by the Pleiades-Sirius-Arcturus Star Councils, this healing workshop has been warmly received across Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia during 2013-2014 debut. To capitalize on the unique growth opportunity that 2017 brings (arising from a cross-galactic portal activation), I have been asked to re-launch the course as an energetically-upgraded edition. Check out course details and logistics HERE.

Class is limited to 15 participants for quality teaching and interaction. Repeat attendees are welcomed. Email for enquiries / to register.


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann. 


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