As early as in 2013, my guides revealed that the celestial axis of the Earth will continue to shift in very minute degrees arising from Earth’s ongoing ascension to her 5th dimensional self. Such periodic alterations of Earth’s axial tilt inevitably affects the human physiology, given that our auric body (electro-magnetic field or EMF) interacts closely and in fact, is very much supported by Earth’s own magnetic field.

If you have been experiencing the following symptoms more severely since the August Eclipses and/or the recent Equinox, it could be an indication of a need to re-align your EMF with the celestial poles of Mother Earth (assuming these physiological effects are not caused by dietary or life style changes or related to any existing or new medical conditions):

  • forgetfulness
  • irregular sleep patterns
  • symptoms suggesting lower-than-usual blood pressure such as being light-headed, feeling nauseous, exhaustion
  • breathlessness
  • anxiety, irritability or other display of rising nervous tension
  • symptoms relating to increased blood acidity

The increased receptivity of galactic transmissions by the human nervous system – a natural physiological transition for most people as our light bodies become upgraded and awakened – is the other reason for the compelling need to continuously ground our energy body with Earth. The faster pulsating light and sound codes transmitted by the galaxy and evolved star systems tend to be more electrical in nature (this is the way the human body interprets these energy signals). To ensure our EMF remains balanced and is able to neutralize the increasingly “electrical” environment we are being entrained with, it is therefore essential to connect with Mother Earth regularly through her magnetic core.


A good resource for supporting the realignment and rebalancing of your EMF could be the healing gifted by Goddess Artemis. Go to article Re-aligning Our Energy Field to Earth’s Magnetic Poles for her teachings and to access the healing audio track (13 min).

If the above-listed physical symptoms persist, please do consult your medical practitioner.

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May this new moon serves to connect you deeply and lovingly with Gaia.  Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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