At the recent Living Your Star Light workshop in Singapore, a vast and highly evolved consciousness, known as the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light, came through the group to offer a dynamic transmission for activating the chakras on our 5th dimensional body. Refer to diagram below.

I have been asked to share this transmission with all who are desiring a quickened expansion of their light bodies.

Listen to energy transmission (4min): Galactic Transmission for Activating 12 Chakras (4min)

or click:

A Recommendation

If you are fairly new to working with galactic energies and/or do not perform energy re-balancing on yourself regularly, I recommend listening to Goddess Artemis’s healing and grounding transmission as preparatory work.  Access healing track from yesterday’s post “New Moon in Libra: A Time for Re-alignment and Re-balancing”.

Further Connection with Inter-Galactic Federation of Light

Finale workshop for 2017 ‘GALACTIC CRESCENDO‘, happening on the auspicious day 11.11, will be hosted by the Inter-Galactic Federation of Light for bringing through and anchoring the latest ascension programs onto the energy grids of Earth and ourselves. Read more HERE. Registration closes on 9 Nov 2017.  Email Vicky at to enquire/register.


New Moon blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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