A magnificent wave of Light, pulsating at an incredibly high vibration, swept through my body as I channeled this 3-line Language of Light manuscript – shown below the Cross-Galactic Geometric Alignment symbol.

There are many octaves of galactic vibrations embedded in the manuscript. Depending on your personal energy frequency and intent, your third eye chakra and heart chakra will interact with and imbibe the appropriate bandwidth of light frequency into your auric field.

If I were to tune-in to the mid-range frequency of this Light Language ‘writing’, the interpretation will be along the lines of :

“Beacons of Light shine upon the dark seas of the night;

Being switched on by the stars lying deep in the Galaxy;

Wait no more to awaken to the Light within”


You may also listen to these Light Language sounds conveying the same message :


Perhaps you would like to meditate with the Light Language manuscript and sounds and the accompanying symbol to awaken your galactic-self? The symbol, channeled during this year’s FLOURISH workshop series, represents the energy portal now available to mankind for accessing the intelligence from multiple galaxies.


Event News

Workshop ‘THE GALACTIC CRESCENDO – Riding The Cross Galactic Octaves of Light on 11.11 will take place in Christchurch, NZ, on 11.11.2017 (Saturday), marking the culmination of the cross-galactic ascension energies anchored on Earth since the beginning of 2017. To read more, go to PROGRAM. Join us and the Galactic Masters at THE GALACTIC CRESCENDO if its intent speaks to your heart.


A Glorious Full Moon to All ! Amara Tia Ann.

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