On top of their invigorating energy transmissions, I have found the teachings offered by the Galactic Masters at the 11.11 Galactic Crescendo Workshop to be profound, wide-ranging and with a clear intention of stimulating new perspectives and re-directing our mental focus from ‘seeking out the absolute truths’ to ‘exploring and experimenting with multiple possibilities’.

Subtly and skillfully, they illustrated to the group the importance of examining and becoming aware of the effects of the assumptions underlying our hopes and wishes.  For example, when posed with the question “assuming 5th Dimensional Earth is already here, what would you like to experience?”, the group spontaneously listed positive and uplifting qualities such as peace, harmony, love etc. As it turned out, the real value of the question did not lie in the responses. Its intention was to get us to reflect on the implications of accepting the validity of the question itself. By simply focusing on answering the question, we could, in fact, be reinforcing a belief that 5th Dimensional Earth is not already here. On the other hand, if we had first challenged the validity or relevance of the question, that would help to re-train the mind to focus on exploring, attracting and experiencing new possibilities as the way of expressing the quantum nature of the Universe and ourselves.

The Galactic Masters also highlighted that whilst the ability to manifest pleasant experiences effortlessly is commonly taken as a key measure of a person’s spiritual evolution, it is the attitudes we display in the face of chaos, disorder and fear that truly indicate our spiritual maturity. As energy beings mirroring the pattern of cosmic evolution, it is only natural for humans to experience both expansionary (creative, inspiring or ‘positive’) and contractionary (destructive, fearful or ‘negative’) cycles. If we were to approach the crises we inevitably encounter with an attitude of neutrality and acceptance, not only can we quicken the transcendence of the underlying fear brought about by a contractionary impulse, we will also catalyse the awakening of our higher-order or Galactic thinking which helps to navigate the brain towards ‘seeing’ higher-vibrational and more exciting solutions.

Our deepest gratitude to the Galactic Federation of Light for sharing such thought-provoking and mind-expanding wisdom!


Closing the Year with a Solstice Gathering : Angels of New Atlantis

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Full Moon Blessings. Amara Tia Ann.

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