At the Solstice Meditation ‘Angels of New Atlantis’, the Archangels blessed the group with the following energy gifts :

  1. Archangel Michael – braiding with soul qualities and attributes
  2. Archangel Metatron – transmission of New Atlantis program (5th and 6th dimensional encodement)
  3. All other Archangels in presence – blessings of love, abundance and joy

# refer to the diagram below for ‘Unal Island of Atlantis’ referred to during Metatron’s transmission

Listen to Solstice vibrational gifts (18 min) :  Archangels Solstice Gifts

Our deep appreciation to all participants who participated in the Solstice gathering and had jointly set the intention for Joy, Love and Abundance to be unfolded for ALL in the year ahead.

Wishing everyone a most uplifting and inspirational 2018!


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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