2018 Events

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1. New Healing Course Powered by Arcturus – ALCHEMY OF HORUS, March to May 2018

A fusion of healing technologies gifted by Egyptian Deity Horus and the Arcturus Star Civilization of the 7th dimensional realm. Experience the synergistic power of INTEGRATION and union of polarities as the way towards achieving a steady, safe and enjoyable expansion of your physical body and mental power in the current Galactic Age.

Course will be available at several countries in Asia – Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, Malaysia and China (Guangzhou).

Read program and country-specific course schedules and registration details at Alchemy of Horus.

Email info@acast.me if you’re keen to organise this course for your community.


2. An Ocean of Blessings – Byron Bay Retreat (Australia), 9 – 14 August 2018

Be attuned to the Sirius 6th dimensional consciousness through the whales and dolphins. Receive teachings and healing activations from the Sirius star guides towards self-mastery of the human emotions. Harness the power of Earth’s oceans for greater empowerment.  

Read itinerary and registration details at Byron Bay Retreat.


3. Healing Course : ISIS-SIRIUS ALCHEMY – A Program to Awaken Your Galactic Light Body.

Vietnam, 9 – 10 June 2018. 

Course and registration details will be available soon.

This course comes with live Vietnamese interpretation.