As I tuned in to the emerging New Moon in Pisces, I was reminded of a karmic healing technique taught by the Pleiades guides at the Living Your Star Light workshops (2013-2017). Among other qualities, the zodiac sign Pisces symbolizes the natural healer in us.

This healing technique is particularly useful for releasing the outdated mental programming of  ‘to love is to sacrifice’ (essentially, the archetypal pattern of martyrdom) which, according to the Pleiades, was the soul lesson of many Earth incarnates during the Piscean Age about 2000 years ago.

Humanity has since progressed to the current Aquarian Age of higher order thinking. If you are identifying self-sacrifice as a tendency in your dominant thoughts and thus, actions, it would be timely to transmute and replace it with a more empowering belief, such as “I can truly love others by first loving myself”.

Performing the following healing may well serve as an ideal prelude to your new moon intention-setting tomorrow night.

Pleiades Karmic Release Technique:

1. In a meditative state, listen to the following attunement recording to establish your energetic connection to your Pleiades guides (same effect as activating your 4th-dimensional higher self):

2. Remain in stillness until you sense the presence of these guides around and within your body (it is common to sense lightness and joy arising from the heart chakra when connected with the Pleiades)

3. Visualise their energy signature as pink vibrations interspersed with purplish sparks and breathe in these vibrational light through your crown chakra

4. Place your left hand on the heart chakra

5. Sound the mantra Yaytilah Zenka’ (meaning ‘Gone is the dark, the Light returns’) followed by any sacred sounds gifted by your Pleiades guides

6. As the old energy imprints are being disintegrated and fragmented, use your left hand (or your mental power) to release them into Earth

7. Verbalise and seal an affirmation of your choice into the heart chakra (you may also use the one suggested above)

Other pointers on applying healing technique:

  • Attunement track needs to be used only once. However, repetitive listening (independent of the healing procedure) can strengthen and seal your energetic connection with the Pleiades world
  • Useful to practise this healing each time a self-sacrificial thought, emotion or action arises. Over time, the heart chakra’s original vibrational qualities of joy, hope and love-in-abundance will be re-awakened
  • For repeat practices, replace step 1 above with ‘In a meditative state, ask to be connected with your Pleiades’
  • Healing can be performed on others who are also displaying self-sacrificial traits, or are generally lacking in self-love


More teachings by the Pleiades available at:


Wishing All an illuminating New Moon ! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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