I was once again impressed by the ‘intelligent’ choice of words by my guides when formulating the course titles! What appears as a simple title coined by them would often turn out to be containing profound insights. I figured this is their way of reminding us that words are powerful expressions of consciousness and thus, our choice of words reflects the level of our spiritual awareness.


The ALCHEMY OF HORUS HEALING COURSE – Becoming An Integrated Light was commissioned by Lord of Arcturus for supporting us in riding the vibrational theme for 2018 (read more at 2018 Vibrational Theme and New Year Message). In summary, the essential teaching transmitted during the Singapore inaugural session was: a complete integration and harmonization of the polarities within the human body and psyche is the pre-requisite for embodying galactic consciousness on a safe, steady and sustainable basis.

Interestingly, I realised the words “Alchemy and “Healing” being used jointly in the course title in itself reveals this key message of integration and balancing. In the context of the course, “alchemy” relates to the left Eye of Horus (EOH) which symbolises spiritual transformation resulting from an illumination of the mind/psyche, whereas “healing” relates to the right Eye of Horus, that of physical rejuvenation and regeneration. The title clearly conveys the Mind + Body Integration intent of the course.

At a post-course practice session, Goddess Isis further discussed the theme of balancing polarities through the words Being‘ and ‘Becoming‘, the latter being part of the course’s subtitle. Again, within the framework of the course, “being” connotes a state of relative passivity where we do not consciously seek or catalyze changes; conversely, “becoming” implies a flow or process which involves conscious intention and active participation in experiencing and expressing the desired changes.

According to Isis, mastering the skill of balancing polarities whether of the body or the mind is best achieved through an experiential and integrated process of entrainment (active deployment of ‘external’ energy catalysts such as finer frequencies from the star systems) and awakening (‘internal’ unfolding of our stellar nature through an intention to expand). In fact, the dual-principle of entrainment and awakening underpins the healing techniques introduced in the course. Furthermore, the subtitle uses the word ‘Becoming’, instead of ‘Being’ (An Integrated Light) to encourage active ownership of our healing and growth journey,  .


May your New Moon intentions support you in becoming the alchemist of your mind and the healer of your body!


Upcoming Events

1. Alchemy of Horus Healing Course, led by Lord of Arcturus and Egyptian deity Horus, will also be available in Hong Kong, Manila, Guangzhou and Malaysia in April & May. Check out Program and Schedule.

2. An Ocean of Blessings – Byron Bay Retreat, 9 Aug to 14 Aug – Goddess Isis, a member of the Sirius Star Council, will speak at feature workshop ‘Self-Mastery of the Human Emotions’ over the New Moon Solar Eclipse weekend. Nourish your soul and heal your emotional body through the oceans of Mother Earth.  For full itinerary and retreat offer, check out  Byron Bay Retreat. 2 places left!

3. Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course – Vietnam, 9 – 10 June. A recommended foundational training for aspiring healers who are drawn to Egyptian healing arts and/or resonate deeply with Goddess Isis and the Sirius blue star. Details HERE.


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