At the recent Alchemy of Horus Healing Course, Goddess Isis shared an important message on the key physiological implication of the ongoing vibrational shifts.

Such energy shifts are being triggered internally and externally, that is, through the natural awakening of our spiritual DNA and the influx of stellar energy frequencies emitted by the Galactic Center (made possible through thinning of the inter-dimensional veils). The latter, in particular, can cause the human energy field to become more electrical which, in turn, can disrupt the natural electro-magnetic balance found in our energy system and consequently, adversely impact the body’s physiology.

As a natural response to her unfolding her 5th dimensional aspect, the Earth’s celestial poles have been undergoing minute shifts. This phenomenon triggers a gradual weakening of the magnetic connection between Earth and the human chakra body (directly affects the endocrine system) which, too, can bring about physiological challenges including irregular sleep patterns, skin irritation, unusual hormonal fluctuations and disrupted metabolism.

Like the Earth, every cell in the human body possesses a North and South Pole (hence, the magnetic field surrounding and permeating the cells). Goddess Isis advised that conscious re-alignment of the body’s magnetic poles to the Earth’s gradual-shifting celestial poles is key to maintaining the equilibrium of the body’s EMF and retaining the magnetic connection with Earth. In fact, this is the fundamental principle for enabling the body to adapt to the prevalent vibratory environment with less physiological complications.

Meditation Gifted by Goddess Isis

  1. Identify the North and South direction using a compass
  2. Lie down along the N/S axis (refer to diagram below)
  3. Use middle and index fingers on right hand to connect energetically with Third Eye Chakra and thus, pineal gland in the brain center (proximity: place fingers on area in the middle of eye brows)
  4. Give intention for body’s magnetic field to be aligned with and reconnected with Earth’s magnetism
  5. Inhale and exhale deeply for several times to seal the intention into cellular memory of the body
  6. Express gratitude and appreciation for Mother Earth with your own prayer
  7. Emerge from meditation

Goddess Isis recommended performing the above meditation as regularly as your inner guidance suggests and especially on these energetically-potent days: Solstices, Equinoxes, 10.10 (10th October), 11.11 (11th November) and 12.12 (12th December) of every year.

North South Alignment

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New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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