At the healing course Alchemy of Horus (March to May 2018), the practitioners were introduced and attuned to a 7th-dimensional Arcturian light being known as Col-Lee-She’a. We were told that Col-Lee-She’a is a member of the Arcturus Star Council and has been the over-arching energy facilitating the transmissions of the teachings and energy keys.

If the vibrational sound of “Col-Lee-She’a” resonates and you’re eager to start connecting with the Arcturus star system (i.e. your 7th-dimensional aspect) for further expansion and actualisation of your stellar gifts, I welcome you to utilise the following attunement recording as a possible catalyst.

To listen “Arcturus Attunement” (9 min): 


You can also access the audio track from ACAST blog at Scroll down home page till you see this article.

NoteGroup Merkabah mentioned in attunement recording has this geometrical pattern –

Octahedron Group Merkabah

Grace & Gratitude – My deepest gratitude to all participants whose light, love and humor have enabled me to present the course series with immense joy. Thank you all for having shone and shared your soul light so willingly! 



…Embodying the Galactic Rhythm of Light for

Sustainable Expansion


A Masterclass led by Lord of Arcturus Col-Lee-She’a to disseminate new information and advanced activation codes to support Lightworkers towards experiencing a well-integrated, harmonised and sustainable awakening of their physical and light bodies.

If the above intention speaks to your heart, join us at this special gathering to serve as a conduit to anchor the Solstice new creation light coming through from the Ashtar Command. Embody the pulsating light and vibratory rhythm of your Galactic-Self! 

Go to RHYTHM for Masterclass details. Email Ann at to register.


Many Blessings. Amara Tia Ann.

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