About solstices and equinoxes: “…they are potent opportunities for energizing the Oneness and Harmony frequencies. The guides explained that by having us focus on honoring and celebrating our connection with our one-Moon, One-Sun and one-Earth on these occasions, we naturally reinforce the collective intention for unity to prevail in our physical realities.” Source:  ‘Be One with Mother Earth on this Equinox‘ posted 21 Sept 2017.


Recounting Rhythm Masterclass experience:

As both the channel and a participant, my experience at Saturday’s Rhythm Masterclass could be described as intensely still and deeply penetrating into my core.

It was love at first hearing when my Arcturian guides decided to name the workshop Rhythm. I was immensely impressed when they subsequently revealed that Rhythm, chosen as the title, referred to both the vibratory sound patterns of the 7th dimensional Arcturus system (As Above) and the pulse of the human meridian lines (So Below), and their harmonious integration.

Spiritual host Lord of Arcturus, a member of Arcturus High Council, further expanded on the workshop intention and deliverables (see chart below):


Solstice gift:  I am asked to share the following three essential Light Language transmissions channeled at Rhythm as a special gift from Arcturus to enable the continuous actualization of your stellar abilities and expression of your I AM spirit. 




Pointers for using the above recorded meditations/transmissions :

  1. For optimal results, please listen to the audio recordings in the order provided
  2. Morphogenetic field – the force field within Earth’s consciousness where divine blueprint of the star-human was first imprinted in order to create the first man; space of zero magnetic, esoterically known as the Halls of Amenti (explanation transmitted by Lord of Arcturus at Rhythm)
  3. Crystalline grid in human body – energy quality found in the human’s subtle body for maintaining connectivity with Earth and locking-in new and higher vibratory memory patterns to the human nervous system (info transmitted by Mother Gaia at Rhythm)
  4. Core Star Chakra – one of the higher chakras residing on our 5th dimensional energy field; more explanation available at Core Star Chakra : The ‘I AM Presence’ Energy Vortex posted Sep 2012
  5. Nature and purpose of Light Language explained at  How Does Light Language Work As A Powerful Healing Medium? – Thoth posted Feb 2012 and New Atlantis Programs posted June 2016


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Supporting spiritual communities through co-creation: Through my several years of working with Spirit, I have come to believe my contribution to the ongoing planetary shift and human consciousness awakening process lies possibly in decoding, grounding and disseminating advanced intelligence transmitted by resonating star systems within and beyond Milky Way. If you feel drawn to host workshops and retreats with ACAST to support the spiritual growth and expansion of your community, Andy and I would love to hear from you! Email with subject title “Love Collaboration” to info@acast.me. 

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Solstice Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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