“The light reflected by the moon has deep transformational effect on the human emotions and psyche. From this perspective, instead of dreading full moons as the unavoidable occasions of emotional purging and detoxification which some of you may be feeling right now, a more enlightened attitude and response would be to open your heart to welcome these monthly opportunities to uncover the hidden gifts and wisdom of your emotional and mental bodies. 

Eclipses are by no means coincidental or random astronomical events. Just as the human experiences are seeded, occur and assimilated through cycles of time, eclipses are sync up with your evolutionary cycles to provide further thrust and momentum to the anticipated awakening of the human race.

Through your reincarnations, many of you have played the game of duality on Earth for numerous cycles to live out the illusion of the absence of light. With your freewill and focused intent, you can choose to wake up from this illusory dream of separation, lack and fear by in-gathering light to your conscious awareness. This full moon lunar eclipse can be the doorway to such an initiatory process, if you so desire. 

I Am Thoth.”

Channeled 26th July 2018, Singapore.


Elaborations by Amara Tia Ann:

  1. ‘In-gathering light to your conscious awareness’ can be interpreted as building and expanding your subtle bodies to quicken the awakening of your spiritual DNA. The intended effect is for you to begin creating your physical realities consciously and effectively by engaging the awareness (awakened wisdom) of your nature as a light being.
  2. In relation to point #1, the energy transmissions for DNA Recoding and the accompanying meditations are available at previous post Be Peace and Surrender to Divine Will – 12th July 2018.

Full Moon Blessings. 

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