The gift of the human emotions is priceless. Not only do emotions enrich our lives, they also serve as the voice for the human collective soul, hence our ability to empathize. While demonstrating care and love through empathy is a gratifying act in itself (as well as other feel-good gestures we may engage in), the essential question to ask ourselves is whether our body has become addicted to the need and desire to feel only positive emotions as ‘evidence’ of our spiritual awakening. The true indicator of an awakened soul is embodying the awareness that human emotions are only agents for navigating our spiritual path towards non-attachment to forms, and that even the most uplifting and elevating emotions the human body is capable of generating are merely expressions or patterned vibrations of our soul.

This was one of the many powerful insights shared by the Sirius High Council at our recent retreat workshop in Byron Bay, “Self-Mastery of Human Emotions.”

If you have been shunning, ignoring or suppressing certain recurring emotions you consider draining or unworthy of experiencing, the High Council also advised the first and most critical step towards re-balancing them (i.e. neutralizing their energetic imprints on your nervous system and subconscious mind) is to OWN and EMBRACE these memories without judgement. The following full moon meditation is suggested as a mindfulness training cum self-healing technique:

  1. Visualise yourself enclosed in an Icosehedron (geometric shape below), the platonic solid symbolising the water element as the natural conduit for our emotions

2. Placing your awareness in the body, recite the following mantra aloud to invoke your Higher Self from the 6th-dimensional world of Sirius:

Yeh Tu Ye La

translated as “God’s Love Flow to You” (“you” referring to recipient of the Sirius balancing force)

(mantra channeled at retreat workshop on New Moon Solar Eclipse 11 Aug)

3. Continue the recitation gently and slowly until you become aware of the emotions emerging; regardless of their nature, simply notice their existence but do not judge or label them

4. Thereafter, with each subsequent mantra recitation, visualize or sense these emotional energies being neutralized or restored to pure white light (symbolizing un-patterned or non-programmed vibrations) filling up the infinite sacred spaces in your body

5. Complete the meditation by grounding your awareness at the root chakra and exhaling deeply.


‘Self-Mastery of Human Emotions’ Workshop available from Oct to Dec 2018

I have been asked to expand and extend the teachings and energy transmissions of the Sirius High Council to more spiritual groups before the close of 2018. Presently, the workshop has been planned for Singapore, Hong Kong and Manila.

Read workshop intention, contents and country-specific schedule HERE.  

Drawn to bringing this workshop to your location? Please email


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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