Two days ago, a dear friend Cecilia shared,”…I believe that during the past few months in particular, something has changed within me so profoundly and permanently. I can now face anything with confidence and a sense of self-worth. And when contrast occurs, it is actually for the better.”

Cecilia nicely summed up what my guides have long hinted as the beautiful outcome of the soul-personality integration that many of us will experience in this life.

From memory, this was what the Spiritual Hierarchy has ‘forewarned’ me several years ago:

  • The stepped-up energy frequencies, both within ourselves and on planet Earth, will be experienced by more people as frequent intervals of ‘ups and downs’, ‘elevating and depressive’ and other similar highly-contrasting experiences and vibrations
  • The faster pulsating energies held within and around our body cells enable a wider array of vibrational experiences to be manifested as our outer realities, thus, the rapidly-alternating periods of ‘highs and lows’. This being the consequence of the natural as well as catalysed awakening of our spiritual DNA 
  • Not only are these periods of undulating experiences consequential to our spiritual awakening, they are necessary for cultivating the awareness and practice of non-attachment to all external phenomena, including what may be judged as undesirable emotions, thoughts and behaviours; in short, the current times we live in is the opportune time to mold our personality (ego/mind) into a judgement-free and fear-less instrument for creation     
  • the more we, the incarnated personalities, are able to trust and surrender to the guidance of our soul (i.e. the more receptive our mind becomes), the more beauty, ease and flow there can be in our physical living and being   
  • The integration of personality and soul eventually brings about a profound and permanent lightness of being and hence, effortless doing



  • lightness of being, resulting in effortless doing’ is one of the key topics for workshop series “Self-Mastery of Human Emotions’  sponsored by the Sirius High Council and Mother Gaia. Having a greater awareness of the true purpose of our emotional body and learning the art of engaging our emotions masterfully is integral to living the divine feminine principle and our soul essence of ‘lightness of being’. Workshops available in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong from Oct to Dec (click HERE for details) and Dubai on 23 &24 Nov.



New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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