It is perhaps common knowledge that words are powerful in shaping our thoughts and that they impact deeply the actions we take towards external conditions. The intermediary physiological process between a thought pattern and a habitual action is our emotions. While we can view both thoughts and emotions as the cause of our actions, the latter tend to be more visible and leave a deeper imprint in our memory for contemplation and self-examination purposes.

If we can master the vibrational quality of our frequently-expressed emotions, we will be able to control the types of bodily responses (speech and behavioural tendencies) we express to the outside world, especially in our most intimate relationships. A consciously-chosen action, as opposed to a neutrally-triggered one, will only elicit and attract equally self-aware behaviours from others. This could be the most critical step towards building a 5th-dimensional world on planet Earth, that is, by first paying close attention to the quality of our personal relationships.

Self-mastery of our emotions begins with self-awareness of what is and what is not. Here’s a suggested first step: the next time you notice a strong negative emotion brewing in you, be it anger, rage, resentful, jealousy, grief, regret or others, step away from the trigger-situation and recite the mantra ‘I AM not my emotions; I AM merely experiencing these emotions’

New perspectives, when sufficiently anchored in the mind through deliberate self-talk, will naturally lead to new and elevated expressions of your God Self.




New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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