The following brief message, expanded for sharing on this new moon, was channeled recently for the Self-Mastery of Human Emotions Workshop, Manila session:

Give Love like there is no tomorrow,

Receive Love like there is no yesterday.

As long as Love is flowing through you freely as your essence,

You will remain in the Now.

Being in the Now allows you to see clearly

your dominant emotions and thus, the higher purpose of your relationships.

 – Gaia, Oct 2018


Elaboration: If we learn to strip off the memories (past judgement of non-love) and fantasies (future expectations of love forever) from our relationships and simply focus on the emotions presently experienced, we will come to understand and accept the recurring emotional pattern, reflected through our relationships, as our attempts to be our highest love expressions.

From this new moon, may we honour all our key relationships as divine connections birthed from and for love.



Blessings, Amara Tia Ann. 

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