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The Sirius blue star, the brightest star visible from Earth, is the physical aspect of the Sirius system contained within the Milky Way galaxy. As a ‘stand-alone’ star system and also the portal to the galactic center, I am told Sirius vibrates at 5th/6th dimensional frequency.

I started working with the Sirian light beings in 2004, through a spirit guide commonly known to us as Goddess Isis, or Auset (her Egyptian name). Besides their prowess and mastery in healing arts, I have found the Sirians among the most remarkable spiritual teachers I have had the honour to channel and be trained under. For me, and many of our workshop participants, the Sirians’ teaching style easily comes across as the perfect exemplification of balance and harmony: complex and sophisticated cosmo-metric concepts are always explained through simple, inter-connected and clear illustrations applicable to modern day living.  For example, attuning our chakra body to a new energy frequency is akin to downloading a new app on our mobile phones to expand our human experiences, made possible by the internet which mirrors the inter-connectivity of cosmic intelligence.

Receive Sirius Attunement Remotely on 8th December

The final session of the Self-Mastery of Human Emotions workshop series will be held in Hong Kong over the weekend of 8-9 December. The program involves attuning the group to the Sirius High Council by aligning our chakra and light bodies vibrationally to the Sirius 6th dimensional energy frequency. This process can be explained, in esoteric terms, as initiating ourselves to a Sirian guide.   

The following procedure allows you to receive the attunement remotely, if it resonates:

  1. Command your mind to activate your personal Star Tetrahedron Merkabah, followed by visualising a 3-dimensional Icosahedron pattern descending from your crown chakra and encasing your body. Refer to diagram below.

2. Listen to the Sirius High Council invocation recording (6 min) and set the intention to receive the attunement by connecting with the Hong Kong group:

3. Special transmission to activate throat chakra for truthful expression and be entrained to the teaching gift of Sirius (4 min):



  • The above meditation can be performed at anytime on 8th December.
  • Both recordings were the transmissions received on 11 August 2018 (New Moon Solar Eclipse) at the Byron Bay Retreat
  • Background music for invocation recording: “Feather” – Forrest Gump’s theme song


Join us at Solstice Meditation!

Solstice Meditation: “Meta-morphosis” led by Archangel Meta-tron will be held on 21st Dec 2018, Singapore. Admission by donation. Program available HERE.


May you enjoy these New Moon gifts from Sirius! 

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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