For me, an important highlight of the Solstice Meditation META-MORHPHOSIS would be the following message shared by Archangel Metatron:

“The cosmos is constantly and permanently evolving. So are we as individual sparks of light temporarily descended from the cosmic sky.  The transformation occurring in our cellular body and soul memory may not be apparent to us all the time but like a pupa breaking out of its cocoon, our grander expression will emerge with divine time and order. In particular, the year 2019 has the potentiality of enabling a higher expression of our divinity as the elements constituting our human body (Earth, Fire, Water and Air) are spiritualized to a greater degree through the awakening of the divine child in us.”   

One way to vibrationally heighten our elements is by activating or spinning the sacred geometry Metatron’s Cube embedded in our higher dimensional body, and that was exactly what Archangel Metatron offered to the group as one of the Solstice gifts, along with other energy transmissions:

  • Re-balance the chakra body (for health and better integration with higher frequencies)
  • Purify the emotional body
  • Align chakra body to energy grids of Earth – Crystalline, Christ Consciousness and Buddhic Consciousness grids (gifted by the Ascended Masters)
  • Solstice blessings from other angelic guides 

Image result for 5 pointed star elements

Listen to the above energy transmissions (16 min):

Music credit: The Angels of Venice – A Time for Dreams

2019 workshops & retreat will be announced in January. Watch this space!

Under the auspice of this final full moon of 2018, may you be lovingly guided to harvest your soul merits in fully becoming the Divine Child.

Merry X’mas and Happy Holidays!

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann & Andy

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