2019 Events

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SOULTALK: A Channeling Course led by Thoth and Lady Nada. august & september

stimulating the remembrance of your soul attributes for …

      • divining your Higher Self as your counsel
      • enhanced intuitiveness
      • speaking of the light language


Singapore: 24 & 25 August (fully booked)

Hong Kong: 21 & 22 September (Equinox)

Program and registration details HERE 


Egypt Sacred Tour: QUEST TO ETERNITY

1 Nov to 12 Nov

Hosted by the Elohim and the Galactic Star Councils

Highlights include Initiation in Great Pyramid on 11.11

Egypt Sacred Tour 1 – 12 Nov 2019

A pilgrimage honoring the immortality of the soul and of Creation itself.

A journey endowed with new creation codes gifted by the galaxy and channeled through time-honoured ancient Egyptian lineages for re-creating the divine blueprint of the Star Human.   

From the old, the new shall arise!

Itinerary & registration details HERE.

Fully booked.


Solstice Meditation Led by Archangel Michael, 21 June, Singapore [COMPLETED]

Program and registration details HERE.


2019 Flagship Workshops, March to May [COMPLETED]:

The Adam Kadmon Recoded

Hosted by the Elohim and Orion Star Nation.

A new body of work for:

  • transcending mind limitations of projecting duality in the world of matter
  • evolving beyond illusory perception of fear and scarcity
  • manifesting effectively with non-dual thoughts.

March to May 2019. Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila.

Program details and workshop schedules at HERE.