Egypt Sacred Tour ‘QUEST TO ETERNITY’ – 1 Nov to 12 Nov

Hosted by the Elohim and Galactic Star Councils

Led by Amara Tia Ann


Tour Highlights Include

Initiation in Great Pyramid on 11.11.2019



Quest to Eternity is a sacred journey honoring the immortality of the soul and of Creation itself. It is about coming home to a place and time where golden ages were lived on earth; and be awakened to our God-endowed powers for seeding a new cycle of Heaven upon Earth.

From the old, the new shall arise. 


We welcome you to be Home with the Creator Gods to 

… remember our collective soul memories of ancient Egypt – an evolutionarily significant time on Earth which saw the demi Gods (embodied star beings) walking hand-in-hand with the race of Man

… receive the gifts of new creation codes from our galactic star family through the time-honored lineages of the ancient Egypt mystery schools

… re-create the divine blueprint of the star human based on our  conscious intention and in alignment with the will of the Elohim gods

… re-chart your personal path towards becoming the New Human of New Earth  


A Pilgrimage Concluding With 

An Initiation by the Great White Brotherhood Ascended Masters
In the Great Pyramid on 11.11.2019



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