September New Moon Message – Goddess Hathor

Dear Tour Participants

This morning, I woke up wondering who might be the deity and guide presenting this month’s new moon message.

By evening, the ‘mystery’ was solved the moment I felt a lively, joyful and child-like vibration permeating my aura. It belonged to none other than Goddess Hathor, also known as the wife and consort of Horus. Some years back, I channled that Hathor was the embodiment and personification of the Pleiades star frequency. In ancient Egyptian tradition, Hathor and her lineage symbolised the celebration of life and fertility through music, dance, merriment, beauty and harmony with nature.

“Life springs from the elements.

To the elements, we offer our admiration, love and awe.

For the elements, we dance, sing and pray.

With the elements, we sing you the song of beauty and harmony…


May the rivers nurture your lands in summer;

May the fire keep your bodies strong in winter;

May the wind bring you the smell of fresh lilies in spring;

May you rest upon the autumn leaves fallen on earth.


To you, the children from the stars, we hail King of All Kings!


We are the Hathors. We are the cosmic song.”

channeled 29 August 2019


Such poetic and lovely vibes from Goddess Hathor!


New Moon Blessings to All,
Amara Tia Ann

29 Aug 2019