August New Moon Message – Thoth

Dear Tour Participants

Along with Goddess Isis, Thoth came into my life as a pivotal force for transformation in 2004. I have since delivered numerous workshops on his behalf, working as his messenger and ‘translator’. As much as I am reluctant to stereotype our spirit guides (just as they’d like to regard all of us as one and equal), Thoth has often come across as a multi-talented psychic surgeon, human body expert and great teacher of cosmic intelligence. In esoteric literature, he is commonly known as the Scribe, the Mystic and to the ancient Egyptians, the Mood God.

In this latest message, Thoth revealed the key to uncovering the sacred knowledge encrypted in ancient stone structures which I believe, include the temples and pyramids of Egypt which we’ll be visiting.

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“Wisdom of the spoken and unspoken words from the Wise Ones can be found in stone monuments and architectural structures that were geometrically designed for preserving the integrity of these enlightened thoughts.

The human body, through both its physiological design and its inner etheric vortices, has the capacity to unlock the secrets whispered into the stones. The activation lies in the art of alignment –  of the geometric patterns of the external portals with your inner vortices; and the sounds of the One Cosmic Universe encoded in the ancient stones with your sacred voice .      

I am Thoth of the cosmic sky”.  

Channeled 29 July 2019


Have a blessed new moon!


Peace & Harmony, always…

Amara Tia Ann

31 July 2019