July New Moon Message – Goddess Isis

Dear Tour Participants

We have entered the month of July, also the beginning of the second half of 2019. For me, the energies around me are now feeling lighter and merrier, compared to the previous few months. Hopefully, you are experiencing the same vibrational shift.

This month’s new moon is particularly relevant to our Egypt Tour. I was told that July marked the New Year for the ancient Egyptians which, in turn, had corresponded to the annual re-appearance of the Sirius star upon the horizon and the flooding of the river Nile. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the timing of this cosmic event has since been shifted to August.

We have Goddess Isis, a member of the Sirius High Council, delivering this month’s new moon message.

There is immense transformational power found in the water molecules of your body, for human thoughts are transported, decoded and felt through water. Offering prayers and words of praise to the water you consume will greatly purify and untangle your convoluted thoughts.

During the times of what you know as Ancient Egypt, the Nile was especially revered as the bringer of fertility and harvest on the day of the heliacal rising of the Sirius Star. Honor the water in your body, just as your Egyptian ancestors had faithfully praised the Nile.

I am Isis of the Sirius Great Star.”


New Moon Blessings

Amara Tia Ann

2 July 2019