June New Moon Message – Osiris

Dear Tour Participants

It’s time again to welcome the new moon!

The different phases of the lunar cycle, along with the ups and downs we experience in Life, reflect the fluctuating nature of ourselves as energy beings. What remains constant, however, is the indestructibility and immortality of our soul. Read on for more of Osiris’s insights.


“Our beloved Seekers of Truth, 

The human spirit, as an extension of the Soul, may dwindle in the presence of adverse human conditions and circumstances. However, like an eternal flame, it would and could never be extinguished. If you were to see each tribulation that comes your way as a nudge to look within and seek the counsel of your soul, you will gain much peace in your mind and strength in your spirit. 

The human ego feeds on the need to be loved whereas your spirit flourishes upon the joy of being and giving love. The death of your ego is the resurrection of your soul wisdom expressed through loving thoughts. 

I am Osiris, ruler of the Underworld and the illuminator of your fears.”


Have a joyful month ahead!

In Light, We Thrive

Amara Tia Ann

2 June 2019