May New Moon Message – Anubis

Dear Tour Participants

I was surprised by the recent visitation of Anubis, the jackal-headed God – a being I am not as familiar with. In past years, he had come through only occasionally during my soul healing and soul retrieval sessions with clients. Besides being a strong protector against dubious energies, the vibrational essence of Anubis symbolises cosmic justice and a guardian of our past life and subconscious memories which remain trapped in traumatic fear (metaphorically speaking, “realm of the underworld”).



The gates differentiating one dimension from another are slowly being opened as you become more aware, receptive and trusting in your power as a creator.  Through these new doorways perceived by your higher mind, I am now able to communicate with you through verbalised expressions.

 In Egyptian mythologies, the idea of the ‘underworld’ can be both mystical and daunting and need not always be associated with the world of the dead. 

 Death itself is regarded as a sacred passage for the soul to reclaim it’s essence from the remnant consciousness of the mind, before the body is completely severed from its etheric components. Extreme fear remembered by the body can cause this severance process to be obstructed, resulting in the soul not being able to detach itself completely from the physical world and the realm of human feelings. This is when I, the great protector of the soul, will be invoked to support its transition and return to the Light. 

 I am Anubis.”

Channeled 30th April, 2019.

Though I am not too sure of the (logical) reason for Anubis’s message at this point, I believe we will come to understand and appreciate his intention during our sacred journey in Egypt.

A very positive and uplifting New Moon to All!

In Love, we find Peace.

Amara Tia Ann

4 May 2019