October New Moon Message – Goddess M’aat

Dear All

Many a time, my spirit guides have reiterated ‘Intention creates…and intention plus directed actions create purposefully‘.

Indeed, it is with everyone’s clear intention and almost a-year-long committed actions that is enabling QUEST TO ETERNITY – Home with the Creator Gods to be materialized soon as a purposeful journey for All. Kudos to the group!

In this 7th and final new moon message, we have the deity of cosmic justice and balance, Goddess M’aat, speaking with us. Though I have not really worked with M’aat extensively, I have always enjoyed her gentle, unassuming and light-as-a-feather presence. The feather typically seen as part of her head gear symbolises transparency and fairness. To me, there is a marked difference between M’aat’s vibrational frequencies compared to Goddess Isis’s and Sekhmet’s. On the other hand, the energy and divine qualities of M’aat resemble those of Ascended Master Lady Nada i.e. harmony, diplomacy, steadfastness and protection of cosmic law and justice.

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“Cosmic justice permeates through every dimension and form of life. It is the core principle which enables consciousness to be awakened and expanded without defying the law of One. The in- and out-breaths experienced by every living human is cosmic justice applied as a pre-requisite to sustaining an embodied consciousness. The regulation of attention and energy between ‘polarised activities’ such as sleep vs awake, acts of receiving vs giving and physical birth vs death, are vivid examples of cosmic law at play in the human world. An intention (mind) grounded through intuitive and loving actions (body) is the highest expression of cosmic balance achievable by a human consciousness. I am M’aat.” 

– Channeled 28 September 2019


Counting down to 1 November with great excitement and joyous anticipation,


New Moon Blessings