April New Moon Message – Goddess Sekhmet

Dearest Tour Participants

Starting from this new moon, I’ll be sharing monthly messages from our spiritual hosts as they begin harmonizing the group’s energies in preparation for the several temple initiations we’ll be receiving in November.

Kick-starting this series of New Moon Connections is Sekhmet, Goddess of vitality, strength and will power.


Our beloved light warriors, are you feeling the heat of ascension rising beneath your skin? Indeed, the game of awakening is being turned on fully and the tempo of the change quickened. You will find your path for navigating through the prevalent chaos, dis-order and volatility becoming unclear and unpredictable. You might not believed it but this is what your soul has been waiting for – for you, the incarnate, to participate with conscious awareness and hopefully, also with pleasure, the greatest SHIFT that has unfolded since the time of Atlantis. Your mind, subject to the current immense vibrational fluctuations, will stir up emotions of anger, worry, doubt, despair and distrust as it stubbornly hangs on to its un-evolved aspect, that is, the need for stability, predictability and control of the un-Known. Let your heart be the anchor during these times of great turbulence. With patience and understanding, the mind, like the heart, will too begin to see the beauty of a coherent cosmic act being played out before itself.        

I am Sekhmet. Call upon me to vitalise your body and clear your mind of unwanted fears and tension.

Blessed Be.”


I could hear Goddess Sekhmet laughing away as she whispered these messages into my inner ears, as if reminding me/us to chill and not to take our worldly realities, as disturbing as they may appear to be, too seriously. You may connect with her further using the above photo as the gateway (Sekhmet Chapel in Karnak, photo taken in 2008).


Many New Moon Blessings

Amara Tia Ann

4 April 2019