According to the Elohim guides, the vibrational essence of 2019 is particularly potent for enabling our divine qualities of joy and innocence to be fully expressed and integrated into our 3rd dimensional being. They describe this growth potential in us as the ability to create only illuminated thoughts through the Eye of God. That is to say…

All creations begin with an idea, a thought.

However, due to the inherent polarity of the human brain, the thoughts it generates will reflect the same polarity when manifested in the physical reality, resulting in what is often experienced as fluctuating vibrational states and expressions of positivity and negativity. Conversely, an illuminated thought created through a higher dimensional space (“Eye of God”) and with the consciousness of compassionate wisdom (complete awareness and acceptance of the limitations of the human brain) will transcend the dual-effects of the human thought.

In other words, when human thoughts are made divine, the only expression possible is JOY OF A DIVINE CHILD.

Energy gift on Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – To get started on re-calibrating your (routine) thinking process to bring about more joyous experiences, you may wish to listen to this short discourse from the Elohim. Placing both hands on your heart chakra while listening to the light language transmission will enhance your body’s receptivity and your soul connection with the Elohim: Elohim Full Moon Transmission (2 min).

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Event Announcements

  • The Elohim and Christed star beings from the Orion System will be sharing more teachings and dispensing energy activations to vibrationally upgrade our mental processes for achieving non-dual expressions (and more) at the new workshop series, THE ADAM KADMON RECODED. Read introduction of these guides and the workshop program HERE.

  • QUEST TO ETERNITY – Egypt Sacred Tour led by the Elohim and Galactic Councils. 1 to 12 Nov. A warm welcome and heart-felt gratitude for all participants who have registered early. Only 2 seats left! Read Tour Introduction, Itinerary and Offer/Terms & Conditions. Email Andy at for enquiries and registration.

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann. 

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