While preparing for the new workshop ‘THE ADAM KADMON RECODED – Living Beyond Duality’, the following insights channeled from the Elohim guides on the inter-connection between duality and creation were, to me, both profound and humbling:

  • Duality is integral to creation or manifestation, since the very act of creation inevitably results in a field of polarity consisting of the creator and creation, potential and form, stillness and flow, infinite and finite, thinker and thought and other similar representations of duality
  • Within the field of polarity lies the seed of awakening to the truth that the creator is found in every creation
  • Discovering and nurturing this seed of awakening is the evolutionary path for humanity (termed as the Adam Kadmon Race by the Elohim). Thus, self-transcendence is the ascension goal for every human
  • It is only through understanding and embracing duality in its true nature and purpose (as outlined above) can the human mind eventually transcend the field of polarity to be one with the universal mind


As we look upon this supermoon, let us be reminded that as luminous and glorious as the full moon may be,  it is but the reflection of our inner light in its awakened form…yet another phenomenon of the seer and the seen playing out the dual aspects of Oneness, through the game of creation.


Workshop News

Hosted by the Elohim, Powered by the Orion Star System

A new body of work for:

  • transcending mind limitations of projecting duality in the world of matter
  • evolving beyond illusory perception of fear and scarcity
  • manifesting effectively with non-dual thoughts

Full program for The Adam Kadmon Recoded workshop, including the teaching contents and energy activations intended to be transmitted, is available HERE.

Inaugural pre-Equinox session in Hong Kong on 16 & 17 March. Workshop will also be presented in Singapore 23 & 24 March, United Kingdom 11 & 12 May and Manila 25 & 26 May. Go to Schedules for logistics and registration info.

Email Andy at andy@acast.me for workshop collaboration suggestions and requests. 


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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