The effects of the Elohim’s teachings, transmitted during the recent inaugural session of THE ADAM KADMON RECODED – Living Beyond Duality, were certainly impactful and profound, at least for me. Post-workshop, I found myself pondering over these questions as if wanting to extend my learning with the guides: Am I real? Am I my reality and vice versa? Can consciousness evolve only through the realities it creates? Is there one common reality that all consciousness is evolving into? Though I may not have channeled all the answers, ironically, I did find myself becoming more OK about being ‘kept in the dark’. Perhaps, the ability to practise non-attachment more skillfully is the ultimate gift of the workshop? 🙂

The Elohim’s core delivery at the workshop was on reality creation, its true nature and purpose, and the role of the human mind as a navigation and self-correcting tool for awakening our inherent God consciousness. Here are a couple of colourful metaphors which I just channeled as their key insights:

  • an uncultivated mind which remains deeply imprinted in negative ego is almost always fooled by the very fear-based vibrations and realities it is enmeshed with, as if “the director has become one with the avatar he has scripted.”
  • a mind, risen from the ego it was once entangled with, will fully embrace the ego for its nature and the various roles it is being cast in, as if “the director is watching and appreciating, with compassionate awareness, the roles scripted for and being played out by his avatar.”

Besides augmenting the teachings of the Elohim, the energy activations gifted by the Orion Star Council also facilitated the hard-wiring of these energy keys into our neurological system for transforming the mind beyond polarised thoughts and perception.

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Workshop Announcement

The Adam Kadmon Recoded workshop will be repeated in April and May:

  • Singapore session – 13 & 14 April.
  • Manila session – 25 & 26 May

Go to Schedules for program and registration details.



New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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