The word, hu-man, can be interpreted as light or consciousness (“hu”) embedded in an earth-vessel (“man”).

In this sense, an awakened hu-man is a vessel that is activated to enable consciousness to express itself freely in the world of physicality and by so doing, consciousness evolves and expands to a higher level of self-awareness. As the vessel has originated from consciousness itself, it too will evolve.

What then brings about an activation or awakening of the human vessel?

The insights I channeled from our guides in recent years seem to point towards a common response – by supporting both the ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ development of the vessel, metaphorically speaking.

The ‘hardware’ enhancements refer to building our light bodies through DNA recoding, aligning our different light matrices with the Galactic Centre and beyond, anchoring new ascension programs onto the Chakra system, purifying our lower bodies (i.e. physical, double etheric, emotional and lower mental) and other such ‘technical’ light reconfiguration work typically involving the entrainment and infusion of high frequencies into the subtle bodies.

The ‘software’ development can be described as powering up the soul-engine which drives the light bodies. In the words of the Ascended Masters, this process refers to the cultivation of the human spirit to realize our inherent Godly virtues. Specifically, one path towards attaining our soul potentiality is by mastering the divine qualities of the respective personality ray(s) which we were reincarnated with.

Under the auspices of today’s Vesak full moon, may your soul and light bodies be illuminated with the golden blessings of Lord Gautama Buddha, respectably known as the Lord of the World on the Spiritual Hierarchy.


References on Personality Rays and Ray Masters

  • Lords of the Seven Rays, by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  • Seven Ray Affirmations, by I Am University
  • The Rainbow Audio Booklet, a Seven-Rays guided meditation channeled by Amara Tia Ann, 2012. Total 9 tracks. Vesak special price S$8. Audio contents and order information at Products



  • Beyond Light & SoundSolstice Meditation led by Archangel Michael, 21 June, Singapore. Program available HERE. Admission by donations. Register with Amara Tia at
  • Channeling Course led by Cosmic Master Thoth and Lady Master Nada. Singapore: 24 & 25 August. Hong Kong: 21 & 22 September. Program details available in June. Stay tuned!

Vesak Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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