My first conscious connection with the star system of Arcturus was a rather special and memorable one. Read more at Story of my spiritual awakening.

I have since worked with the Arcturian guides on several occasions but it wasn’t until last year’s Alchemy of Horus: A Healing Course Powered by Arcturus did I have the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of the Arcturian frequency at a deep level.

Who are the Arcturian Beings?

Imagine the different layers of galactic consciousness we’re interconnected to are segmented and distinguishable by their respective dimensional frequencies, then, the Arcturus system is the 7th dimensional star frequency.

For me, the Arcturian guides are first-class healing technologists (and I say this with total respect to all other star frequencies which I’m also well connected with 😃). The quality of the Arcturian frequency is similar to that of the Platinum Ray – pristine, refined and sharp as a laser beam when channeled for psychic surgeries or intensive light body reconfiguration work. The healing methodologies of the Arcturus are simple in application yet sophisticated and advanced in their design theories.

Be Attuned to Arcturus Star System on this New Moon

If you wish to experience the Arcturus frequency for yourself, whether it is for self-healing or expanding your connection with the star guides, you may access an attunement recording previously shared on this blog. Go to Attunement to Lord of Arcturus.

Why the need for an energy attunement when theoretically, aren’t we already connected with each and all aspects of the cosmos? Read explanation of attunement HERE.

Receive Arcturus Energy Transmissions Regularly

Subsequent to the attunement, you may practise the following invocation protocol to enable a quicker and more effective transmission each time you wish to run the Arcturian frequency.

Invocation Steps

  1. Place right hand above left hand at Heart Chakra
    (symbolizing Milky Way disc of light – refer to diagram A) and breathe in deeply. 
  2. Reverse position of hands and breathe out
  3. Stretch arms out sideways to expand aura
  4. Visualise yourself being encased in a Diamond Body (diagram B) to stimulate awakening of your higher mind
  5. Say mantra “Col-Lee-She’a” 3 X (visualize platinum colour if you prefer)
  6. Allow the Diamond Body to spin until it stops automatically
  7. Ground the Arcturus transmissions through your Earth Star Chakra (diagram C)


Recommended Read – getting to know Arcturus star civilisation

  • “Sunshine Before The Dawn” by Judy Satori
  • “Songs of the Arcturians: The Arcturian Star Chronicles” by Patricia Pereira


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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