The debut session of SoulTalk last weekend unfolded as a deeply enriching ‘Channeling 101’ learning experience for me and, I believe, for the participants too.

Lady Master Nada and Cosmic Master Thoth transmitted the course based on their teaching philosophy of Root to Rise; i.e., for channeling and other higher abilities to be awakened in us effortlessly, we simply need to (i) Focus on protecting and strengthening the core energy constituents we are endowed with, and (ii) Maintain the vibrational alignment of ourselves as energy beings with the pulsating rhythm of the larger universe. With these fundamental practices in place and coupled with a strong intention to expand as a consciousness, our ‘stellar’ qualities and abilities will naturally materialize. 

These principles also hold true for the speaking and interpretation of the Language of Light which, according to Thoth, can be considered as the default communication medium for an enlivened fifth dimensional consciousness. In other words, the remembrance of Language of Light will occur naturally when our fifth dimensional light body has been activated sufficiently.   

“Channeling is simply inter-dimensional vibrational communication”

– Lady Nada


Applying principles (i) and (ii) specifically to the skillful practice of channeling:

a) The essential energy component to be purified and strengthened is the crystalline frequency which feeds off Earth’s crystalline matrix and underpins a healthy human’s chakra system. It is also a frequency which has the property of integrating and harmonizing the different energy bodies we operate with, thus enabling a stable and safe expansion of our higher dimensional vessels

b) Maintaining the vibrational alignment of our inner micro-vortices (especially the third eye chakra) with the external macro-vortices, namely the galactic core (as above) and the Atlantis crystal grid (so below).


LISTEN TO MEDITATION AND ENERGY ACTIVATION GIFTED BY THOTH: click Strengthen Crystalline Body-Align to Atlantis Crystal Grid

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Visual aid used in meditation:



  • SoulTalk – A Channeling Course led by Thoth and Lady Nada and Powered by Atlantis Crystal Grid will be repeated in Hong Kong over the Equinox weekend, 21 – 22 September 2019. Details HERE. Email Jenny Kam at for registration and enquiries.


  • Private Consultations with Amara Tia Ann (in-person or on Skype) available in October. Few slots left for September. Session description and logistics HERE. Email for availability.



New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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