For sometime now, I was told, and have also personally experienced, the intimate connection between the state of our emotional body and the water we consume. For example, if our body is not sufficiently hydrated or the fluids we consume are overly acidic, there is a higher chance of attracting lower vibrational emotions and experiencing them for a longer period of time. Rationale: (1) Water in the body is the primary medium for transporting, processing and interpreting our emotions through the nervous system and (2) Acidic contents attract and trap lower frequency emotions, such as anger, jealousy, bitterness, grief, etc.

Interestingly, during a healing performed for a client recently, the guides shed new light on the impact of emotional body on the lymphatic drainage system – a potential health concern which, perhaps, not many of us are aware of.

The lymphatic system functions as a significant part of our immune system by helping the body get rid of toxins, wastes and harmful materials. It comprises a large network of tissues, organs and vessels, carrying the clear fluid lymph which, in turn, is made up of infection-fighting white blood cells.

Given that water is integral to the lymphatic system (as its transportation medium and one of its core contents) and that water is also the conduit for our emotions, therefore, we can easily imagine the impact of our regular emotional patterns on the lymphatic system / immunity and vice versa.

Healing Technique – Re-balance Emotional Body and Strengthen Lymphatic System

Here’s the healing technique channeled for my client which will support the release of emotional debris and blockages from the lymph, thereby harmonizing the emotional body as well as strengthening the lymphatic system.

  1. Print a diagram of the lymphatic drainage system and through your intention, use it as a proxy for your body. See Diagram A for an example.
  2. Superimpose the diagram with the Flower of Life symbols, especially on the major lymph nodes and glands. Refer to Diagram B. (Flower of Life is the sacred geometry awakening universal consciousness and in the case of the human body divine blueprint, also its inherent life force)
  3. Tone the sacred sound ‘AH’ repeatedly and project the sound vibrations on the picture, i.e., Diagram B (‘AH’ resonates with the heart chakra)
  4. Complete the healing practice by bringing through positive emotions of your choice, such as gratitude, peace and serenity.


The healing practices and techniques published on our blog, including but not limited to those shared in this article, are not intended for diagnosing or treating any medical illness, dis-ease or symptom, nor are they meant to replace any medical advice, prescription and treatment you are/will be receiving. When in doubt, please consult your doctor, physician or medical practitioner before applying the healing information shared. 



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