What lies between physical birth and death?

With reference to the Solstice Meditation – Timeless Being led by cosmic master Thoth yesterday, it would be TIME.

Be-ing in a physical reality implies being locked in time.

In this sense, experiencing time is a ‘necessary evil’ for every human incarnate. The vibrational dissipative effects it inflicts on the human body is inevitable and even unwelcomed, yet time is indispensable for coding patterns of our thoughts and memories in order that we could transcend and evolve them. Through the passage of time, one’s soul essence can also be awakened and channeled towards creating a purposeful or even karmic-free earth existence.

With such a love-hate relationship we have with time, what then are the options available to optimize our time here (pun intended) as an incarnate? Thoth’s insights:

  1. Embrace death in every of its occurrences, from as routine as the regular death and regeneration of our body cells to the more emotional experiences of the passing of our loved ones. To resist or fear a reality is to deepen the imprint of that thought in our memory and thus, quickening the degenerative effect of time on the body as well as clouding out our soul essence
  2. Integrate the Self of different timelines through our akashic records of the Halls of Amenti i.e. transmute lower order memories created in the past, or for the future plans, which are no longer in vibrational alignment with your soul essence of the present
  3. Regenerate the physical body via the Zero-point field of Earth

Thoth also led the group through the healing highlighted in #2 and #3 above.

Listen to “Soul and Body Healing for Timeless Being”(19min)

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Symbol used during healing meditation



organised in support of your onward and upward journey

as soul-ful being


Wishing All a joyous year ahead! Solstice blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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