2020 Events

Courses, retreat and sacred tour organised in support of planetary vibrational theme..

Read message on 2020 planetary vibrational potentiality.


1. Healing Course: SIRIUS STAR RISING©, Feb to Jun

A healing course, over lit by the Sirius Star Council and Egyptian Goddesses, to…

    • equip the human physical and emotional bodies with tools for integrating galactic frequencies safely and steadily
    • anchor and disseminate expediently the latest ascension codes retrieved at the ancient temples and power sites of Egypt

Read course program and schedules – Dubai, Singapore, Manila, Penang, Hong Kong

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2. UNDAL: Retreat with Andromeda Star Council, Bali, October


    • Utilize the time portal of 10.10 to bring through the Andromeda ascension light of 10th dimensional frequency to upgrade and activate the Atlantis memory grids
    • Connect with Andromeda guides to recode our spiritual DNA and awaken genetic abilities from our shared Andromedan lineage
    • Ride on the Year 2020’s vibrational theme of a Master Builder to spearhead the initiative of transforming Earth nations into Undal Cities of Light

Details available by February. Email info@acast.me to indicate interest.


3. Heralding The New light, Egypt Sacred Tour, November

Hosted by Galactic Council of Light & Participatory Star Nations

Highlights include Great Pyramid Initiation by Lords of Seven Rays on 22.11

  • Represent: humanity as the vessel for anchoring the Andromeda ascension energies for the first time on planet Earth through the Pyramid portals
  • Re-connect: our collective soul memories of ancient Egypt – an evolutionarily significant time on Earth which saw the demi Gods (embodied star beings) walking hand-in-hand with the race of Man
  • Receive: gifts of new creation codes from our galactic star family through the time-honored lineages of the ancient Egypt mystery schools
  • Re-create: and upgrade our divine blueprint as a star human based on conscious intention and in alignment with the will of the Divine
  • Re-chart: your personal path towards becoming the Master of Love through service and devotion

Tour itinerary and offer available by February. Register interest with info@acast.me