Bali Retreat – UNDAL, Building New Atlantis, 7 to 11 Oct

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When the mind is ready, the eyes, too, begin to see the reality

– Transmitted by Thoth, Atlantis King Priest, January 2020

This retreat is about rapidly awakening the mind, so it may out-picture the shared memories of Golden Atlantis as today’s common reality.

Atlantis will soon rise from the deep sea of our memories, for we – the pioneers of New Atlantis and guardians of New Earth – have heard its call.

Once again, the lightkeepers of Atlantis shall gather at Undal to witness its first Light. It’s time…it’s time.     


About UNDAL of Ancient Atlantis

Atlantis was one of the few ancient civilizations believed to have contributed significantly to the spiritual evolution to mankind. Others included Sumeria, Lemuria and ancient Egypt. According to my guides, it was during ancient Atlantis that the ‘Grand Experiment’ of seeding the star-human specie on earth was first conducted under the leadership of largely the Sirius beings. The star frequencies so grounded had facilitated the manifestation of what was known as the Atlantis golden ages i.e. eras of great technological and spiritual advancement experienced by earthlings as a 5th dimensional reality. At the conclusion of the experiment, Atlantis was retracted into the etheric realm. 

Undal, the vibrational hub of ancient Atlantis, was where the priesthood dwelled and congregated to disseminate the galactic frequencies for sustaining the ‘heavenly’ reality on Earth. The priesthood members were, in fact, Sirian embodiments who remained fully aware of their galactic identity and capabilities.

Since its decommissioning eons ago, Undal is to be re-awakened under the entrainment of the current ascension waves. Thus, not only will the Atlantis matrix and reality being reloaded, it will be populated across earth as the Undal cities of light of New Atlantis.


Email Andy at for enquiries. Few seats left.