2019 Egypt Sacred Tour – New Moon Messages (April – October)

Dearest Tour Participants

Starting from the April new moon, I’ll be sharing monthly messages from our spiritual hosts as they begin harmonizing the group’s energies in preparation for the several temple initiations we’ll be receiving in November.

Kick-starting this series of New Moon Connections is Sekhmet, Goddess of vitality, strength and will power….”.…note from Amara Tia Ann, 4 April 2019


April: Goddess Sekhmet


Our beloved light warriors, are you feeling the heat of ascension rising beneath your skin? Indeed, the game of awakening is being turned on fully and the tempo of the change quickened. You will find your path for navigating through the prevalent chaos, dis-order and volatility becoming unclear and unpredictable. You might not believed it but this is what your soul has been waiting for – for you, the incarnate, to participate with conscious awareness and hopefully, also with pleasure, the greatest SHIFT that has unfolded since the time of Atlantis. Your mind, subject to the current immense vibrational fluctuations, will stir up emotions of anger, worry, doubt, despair and distrust as it stubbornly hangs on to its un-evolved aspect, that is, the need for stability, predictability and control of the un-Known. Let your heart be the anchor during these times of great turbulence. With patience and understanding, the mind, like the heart, will too begin to see the beauty of a coherent cosmic act being played out before itself.        

I am Sekhmet. Call upon me to vitalise your body and clear your mind of unwanted fears and tension.

Blessed Be.”


May: Anubis


The gates differentiating one dimension from another are slowly being opened as you become more aware, receptive and trusting in your power as a creator.  Through these new doorways perceived by your higher mind, I am now able to communicate with you through verbalised expressions.

 In Egyptian mythologies, the idea of the ‘underworld’ can be both mystical and daunting and need not always be associated with the world of the dead. 

 Death itself is regarded as a sacred passage for the soul to reclaim it’s essence from the remnant consciousness of the mind, before the body is completely severed from its etheric components. Extreme fear remembered by the body can cause this severance process to be obstructed, resulting in the soul not being able to detach itself completely from the physical world and the realm of human feelings. This is when I, the great protector of the soul, will be invoked to support its transition and return to the Light. 

 I am Anubis.”


June: Osiris


“Our beloved Seekers of Truth, 

The human spirit, as an extension of the Soul, may dwindle in the presence of adverse human conditions and circumstances. However, like an eternal flame, it would and could never be extinguished. If you were to see each tribulation that comes your way as a nudge to look within and seek the counsel of your soul, you will gain much peace in your mind and strength in your spirit. 

The human ego feeds on the need to be loved whereas your spirit flourishes upon the joy of being and giving love. The death of your ego is the resurrection of your soul wisdom expressed through loving thoughts. 

I am Osiris, ruler of the Underworld and the illuminator of your fears.”


July: Goddess Isis

There is immense transformational power found in the water molecules of your body, for human thoughts are transported, decoded and felt through water. Offering prayers and words of praise to the water you consume will greatly purify and untangle your convoluted thoughts.

During the times of what you know as Ancient Egypt, the Nile was especially revered as the bringer of fertility and harvest on the day of the heliacal rising of the Sirius Star. Honor the water in your body, just as your Egyptian ancestors had faithfully praised the Nile.

I am Isis of the Sirius Great Star.”


August: Thoth

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“Wisdom of the spoken and unspoken words from the Wise Ones can be found in stone monuments and architectural structures that were geometrically designed for preserving the integrity of these enlightened thoughts.

The human body, through both its physiological design and its inner etheric vortices, has the capacity to unlock the secrets whispered into the stones. The activation lies in the art of alignment –  of the geometric patterns of the external portals with your inner vortices; and the sounds of the One Cosmic Universe encoded in the ancient stones with your sacred voice .      

I am Thoth of the cosmic sky”.  

September: Goddess Hathor

“Life springs from the elements.

To the elements, we offer our admiration, love and awe.

For the elements, we dance, sing and pray.

With the elements, we sing you the song of beauty and harmony…


May the rivers nurture your lands in summer;

May the fire keep your bodies strong in winter;

May the wind bring you the smell of fresh lilies in spring;

May you rest upon the autumn leaves fallen on earth.


To you, the children from the stars, we hail King of All Kings!


We are the Hathors. We are the cosmic song.”


October: Godddess M’aat

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“Cosmic justice permeates through every dimension and form of life. It is the core principle which enables consciousness to be awakened and expanded without defying the law of One. The in- and out-breaths experienced by every living human is cosmic justice applied as a pre-requisite to sustaining an embodied consciousness. The regulation of attention and energy between ‘polarised activities’ such as sleep vs awake, acts of receiving vs giving and physical birth vs death, are vivid examples of cosmic law at play in the human world. An intention (mind) grounded through intuitive and loving actions (body) is the highest expression of cosmic balance achievable by a human consciousness. I am M’aat.”